Life is a Lemon and I want my Money Back


This abstract tumbler is a unique and artistic item that features an abstract design.. Unlike traditional tumblers with recognizable images or patterns, representational shapes, lines, colors, and textures that aim to evoke emotions or stimulate the imagination.

The design of an abstract design blend of vibrant and muted colors,kind of  fluid forms. These elements come together to create a visually striking and dynamic composition from chaotic and energetic to harmonious and serene. The abstract design adds a touch of creativity and individuality to this tumbler. It’s design that covers the entire surface.

It’s also offer practical functionality.

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    • HAND WASH CUP, lids and straws may be added to the dishwasher top shelf only.
    • Double-Wall
    • Vacuum Insulated
    • Clear Sliding  Lid
    • 20oz
  •  classic lid
  • Clear Straw
  • Comes individually boxed
  • Food grade and UV epoxy protected

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