Sugar Skulls


This glitter sugar skull tumbler is a captivating and vibrant item that combines the intricate beauty of sugar skull designs with sparkling glitter accents.

The tumbler features a sugar skull design, inspired by the traditional Mexican Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) celebration. Sugar skulls are decorative skulls made from sugar or clay, adorned with colorful and ornate designs. In the case of the glitter sugar skull tumbler, these designs are often enhanced with shimmering glitter particles, creating a dazzling and eye-catching effect.

The sugar skull design on the tumbler is characterized by intricate patterns, floral motifs, and geometric shapes. It features vibrant and bold colors such as red, yellow, green, or blue, along with contrasting elements. The glitter particles are typically embedded within the design, adding a touch of sparkle and creating a captivating visual appeal

Overall, these tumblers bring together cultural symbolism, visual allure, and practicality, making them a popular choice for those who appreciate vibrant and captivating designs.

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    • HAND WASH CUP, lids and straws may be added to the dishwasher top shelf only.
    • Double-Wall
    • Vacuum Insulated
    • Clear Sliding  Lid
    • 20oz
  •  classic lid
  • Clear Straw
  • Comes individually boxed
  • Food grade and UV epoxy protected

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