Vintage Roses Black and Pink


This vintage style rose tumbler that exudes a nostalgic and classic charm inspired by the beauty of roses and vintage aesthetics. It’s  elegance and ability to showcase intricate designs.

The tumbler features a design centered around roses, which are symbolically associated with love, beauty, and grace. The roses on the tumbler are typically depicted in a vintage style, with delicate petals, curving stems, and intricate details. The color palette used in the design may lean towards soft pastels or muted tones, reminiscent of antique floral patterns.

In addition to the rose motifs, the vintage tumbler include other decorative elements like filigree patterns, lace-like details, further enhancing the nostalgic feel. These embellishments contribute to the overall vintage aesthetic and create a sense of timelessness.

This vintage rose tumbler not only serves as a practical vessel for enjoying your favorite beverages but also adds a touch of elegance and romance to any setting. It is perfect for those who appreciate vintage aesthetics, floral motifs, and a sense of timeless beauty.

    • HAND WASH CUP, lids and straws may be added to the dishwasher top shelf only.
    • Double-Wall
    • Vacuum Insulated
    • Clear Sliding  Lid
    • 20oz
  •  classic lid
  • Clear Straw
  • Comes individually boxed
  • Food grade and UV epoxy protected

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