Quiet Understanding



Dive into a world of understanding and acceptance with this captivating Autism Awareness tumbler. Featuring striking blue lips and the “shh” gesture, it speaks volumes without saying a word. Adorned with shimmering blue glitter and delicate autism ribbons, it symbolizes hope and solidarity. The fingers spell out “Don’t judge what you don’t understand,” a powerful reminder to embrace empathy and refrain from making assumptions. Sip from this tumbler and join the movement to promote awareness, inclusivity, and understanding for individuals on the autism spectrum.



10oz coffee cup, 14oz coffee cup, 20oz stright, 20oz stright duo (two lids), 20oz stright handle, 20oz wirless bluetooth speaker, 25oz stright skinny duo (two style lids), 30oz stright, 30oz stright duo (two style lids), 30oz stright handle, 35oz stright duo (two style lids)


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